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Creative Leadership occurs as one of the evolutionary effects of decisive intention. In our terms, creativity is simply becoming aware of more options. We all have the ability to be our own leaders by learning to about the reasons WHY we want what we want.

As we make the decision to become our own leaders, we become the main characters in the stories of our lives. No one will do it for us – we must pave the way ourselves.

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We make us of Muse brain sensing headbands, which read players’ brainwaves and create a brain training environment by activating multimedia triggers based on their mental state.


We connect the Muse Headsets to a Microsoft Surface Tablet through some amazing Biosensor software called Neuromore Studio.

26 Threads: The Audience Empowerment Project26threads_banner_logo_array

The 26 Threads Audience Empowerment Project is an Open Source tool designed to help media creators catalyze positive change in their audience members. Until now, there have been limited ways to community-endorse projects for their benefit to society. Television programs are routinely creating zombies instead of activating our greatest potential. It’s time for change. If all criteria is met, empowering creators can apply for review and then label their projects with the “Certified Empowering” emblem.

26 Threads is based on the natural “Operating System” of humans – the very software powering our DNA. By acknowledging the basic needs of all humans, we are able to instill greater values into the media the we create and consume.

Based on Jungian Archetypes, Creativity Theory, Chinese Energetics, and Psychological Shadow Work – 26 Threads blends the parts of our innate programming into a unified system in order to better understand our internal narrative.

Meet Your BioReflection

Meet Your BioReflection is a model program, based on the 26 Threads Project which challenges players to traverse the narrative of their minds, for the chance to empower our creativity through meeting ourselves in the future.

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The Future

Upcoming Programs include various types of media, live events, software, and even an API for developers.

Thank you for choosing us toward your Creativity Empowerment goals.