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Mini-Games from the Future

“Meet Your BioReflection” allows us to experience a version of ourselves in the future. It’s the creative experience, as Games. Proven story structures work with your personal goals. Individuals can join us at public venues, while businesses can host us at events, or in the workplace. This is for everybody.

Creativity Powered by BioFeedback

We’ve found that Creativity takes a willingness to fail – which allows us to enter into unknown mental territory, thereby expanding neuroplasticity. Our BioFeedback Role Playing Technology is designed to facilitate our brains to sync with our bodies and directly empowers new creative abilities.

Designed for Empowerment

Because these Games are so unique, we’ve realized that the process in which we created it was something to be shared as well. Hence, this is the first program based on the 26 Threads, a Wisdom system which can be applied to many different applications.

Interactive Entertainment

The Entertainment of Yesterday was only interactive until audiences ran out of popcorn and soda. Tomorrow’s entertainment brings you into the story. Meet Your BioReflection operates under these cutting edge, and thereby more sustainable standards.

How it works

Yes, Games Can Transform Us
Are you ready to Create?

Meet Your BioReflection (MYBR): Creative Leadership Games are designed to provide a SAFE and FUN space for Players to make their desires known in order to deepen their connections with themselves and to make the world a better place at the same time.

MYBR is a model program based on the 26 Threads Audience Empowerment Project, in which other projects can become "Certified Empowering". 26 Threads is chock-full of Jungian wisdom, Creativity Theory, and healing shadow work - no other (legal) product compares.

  • Fun
  • Safe
  • Customizable
  • Immersive


Our unique team has worked hard to create something unique for you
Joana Ayala
Co-Founder, Creative Director, Soundscape Director
Emily Pudalov
Public Outreach Coordinator, Campaign Manager, Creativity Empowerment Facilitator
Elizabeth Hartman
Advisor, Psychotherapist, Kundalini Yoga Instructor
Joshua Falcon-Grey
Co-Founder, Program Director, Creative Leadership Trainer

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